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During this week’s topic; AUTHORSHIP AND COLLABORATION, I collaborated in a small groups and we explored the theme identity. Struggling to identify the exact concept of identity we decided to use the methodology of asking our sitter. I photographed Dr. Clara Baker; a transgender scientist, who is obsessed with painting miniature models.

Q What is the first thing that comes to mind when I ask, what does identity mean to you?

A Authenticity.

Q. And how would you identify yourself ?

A Nerdy, Proud, Positive, Creative, Science.

The question I have is do I capture Clara the way I identify her, or how she identify’s herself? I can only photograph her through my eyes and so how important is it for me to try to look through hers?

This is a super quick excercise, and so I’m going to aim to photograph her based on the answers she provided me with in our initial conversation. I’ll use that as a starting point and as I shoot, I want to keep in mind the words ‘identity’ and ‘authenticity’ – both of which are hugely personal and different for each of us.

“I’ve never taken a photograph of someone, and created a persona, I’ve just discovered what was all ready there” Anthony Farrimond