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100 WOMEN OF OXFORD grew from a passion to connect with other women in my community.  I was intrigued by who they were and why they too were living in this city of dreaming spires.

This project has been the most humbling, insightful, educational school-of-life experience.  I sat with each woman, in her home, and listened to experiences of love and loss, politics, motherhood, climate change, dreams, disability, murder, sexuality, mental health, fear, imposter syndrome, social justice, family conflict, abuse, feminism, war, joy, death, social inclusion and many more stories of humanity.

Everyday we pass people in the streets yet know so little about them.  We are all so uniquely diverse, yet we all long for the same thing: connection.  Real connection takes vulnerability, and vulnerability takes real courage.

I’d like to thank each woman I met for being honest and open, for deeply connecting, for taking a risk and saying yes, and letting me, a stranger into their home.  This body of work has been a real collaboration.

100 Women of Oxford has now been published by The North Wall Arts Centre. View it here: 100 WOMEN OF OXFORD BOOK