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100 Women of Oxford grew from a passion to connect with other women in my community.  I was intrigued by who they were and why they too were living in this city of dreaming spires. This project has unfolded as a deeply humbling, insightful, and educative journey through the school of life.

Seated within the intimate spaces of each woman’s home, I had the privilege of listening to narratives spanning love and loss, politics, motherhood, climate change, dreams, disability, murder, sexuality, mental health, fear, imposter syndrome, social justice, family conflict, abuse, feminism, war, joy, death, social inclusion and countless other facets of humanity.

Despite passing by countless faces in the street daily, we often remain oblivious to the rich tapestry of their lives. We are all so uniquely diverse, yet our shared longnig for connection unites us. Genuine connection demands vulnerability, and embracing vulnerability requires genuine courage.

100 Women of Oxford portraits with accompanied text, has now been published into a book by The North Wall Arts Centre and is available here: 100 Women of Oxford Book.